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Building for authors & readers!

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About Us

Creating decentralized libraries
with everything for everyone in the Metaverse.

The Future of Decentralized Libraries

BookWorm Labs is pioneering books into NFT’s while staying true to decentralization. We aim to serve authors in every language!

Book Protection

Truly own your library through the power of block chain technology Operating with the high security and scaling abilities thanks to the Ethereum network!

The WHY?

We exist to support mankinds thirst for KNOWLEDGE. Offering a non biased platform for publishing and reading opportunities. Welcome to Books as NFT’s, Welcome to BookWorm Labs.

Community Driven

The $WORM token is accessible to all through the Ethereum Network. We welcome everyone to be part of this decentralized community!

BookWorm NFT Whitepaper

Take a look at the BookWorm Labs DNA .

Check out the in depth plan by viewing our Whitepaper

*Total Worm Token Supply 888,000,000
30% Staking Vault
22% Public Sale
20% Development & Ecosystem
12% Core Team
7% Treasury
5% Giveaway
3% Advisors
1% Emergency/insurance Fund

Our Amazing
Team Members

Our Team Consists of Seasoned Blockchain Worms.

Mr. Worm
Ceo Founder
Brain Worm
Worm holio
Community Manager
Nerd Worm
Captain Worm
Worm Boss
Rich Worm

Ethereum Mint 0.10 ETH

Collection of 8,888 NFT's.

Welcome to the future of metaverse libraries.

Use your NFTs as an avatar in the metaverse.

Read your favorite novel by a beach in the metaverse or have it read to you. This will all be made possible in the future brought to you only by BookWorm Labs!

Our Partners

Hand Picked!

We are working on securing more of the best partners in the space! We’ll keep you posted.


Roadmap Launch Timeline

Our path to empowering the world with knowledge!

Q1, 2023

Idea Generation

-The idea to bring benevolence to the book industry and level the playing field for all who want to partake was born!

Q2, 2023


-Our 1st partnership with professional artists was formed and the art began for our NFT’s.

Q3, 2023

Design & Development

-We recruited some lively worms and began working to bring this dream to the masses.

Q4, 2023

Initial Release

-Website Release


Q1, 2024

NFT Mint

-NFT Giveaway Competition

Whitelist Competition

-NFT Mint

Q2, 2024

Token Release

-Fair Token Launch




Q3 2024

Growth Phase

-Wormswap Dex Deployment

-Certik Security Audit

Author Recruitment Campaign




Q4, 2024

Utility Release


-Staking Pool

-2nd Certik Security Audit

-Exchange listings


Q1, 2025

Utility Upgrade

-Mobile NFT Book APP (DAPP)

-Metaverse Land Purchase

-Partnership Campaign

-Prestige Author Recruitment

Q3, 2025

Enter The Metaverse

-Metaverse Library Creation

-Major Exchange listing

-Metaverse Launch

-Play to learn & earn

Q1, 2026

Keys to Community

-Launch DAO Governance

-Community Governance


Popular Question

What makes $Worm token different and not a shit coin?

Simple, we are building a book platform for the future where book sales will fuel the value of the $Worm token.

Worm NFT’s will come with no official utility and be sold soley as digital art collection. In the future we hope to add utility such as multiplying staking rewards, breeding, membership access and more utility added in the future.

Each wallet will be limited to minting 4 Worm NFT’s to help create fairness and decentralization.

Ethereum is the most familiar blockchain. ETH is known to be the GOLD standard when it comes to security and run time. With the upgrades coming it will only get better!

It’s simple and we give you a step by step guide on this website. 

Buy Ethereum from any Major exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Crypto.com

We are pioneering a platform for readers and authors in mind!

Users of the platform will enjoy perks like never seen before including opportunities to meet your favorite author! 

BookWorm Labs © 2023

Our Vision

The idea to bring benevolence to the book industry and level the playing field for all who want to partake was born!


How to mint a Worm NFT

Follow These Simple Steps Below ↓

Create an Ethereum Wallet using Meta Mask Wallet

Buy Ethereum from any Major exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or Crypto.com

Send Ethereum to your Meta Mask wallet. Make sure to send enough for the gas fee!

Visit the BookWorm Labs mint page and connect your Meta Mask Wallet.


Grab some popcorn and wait for the count down timer to end.


When the mint button appears be the fastest Worm to click the mint button. Approve the transaction in your wallet.

Our Collections

High Quality NFT Collection

Our NFT collections are created by professional artists with experience in the NFT space! 


Everything stated on this website does not provide any guarantee whatsoever and may be subject to changes.

© 2023 BookWorm Labs  All rights reserved.